If You Love Me For Me...

once a lass mad a lad..
your a gentle one said she...
in my heart I'll be glad..
if you love me for me..
you say your love is true..
and I hope that it will be
I'll be sure if I knew..
that you love me for me..
could I be the one your seeking..
will I be the one you choose..
can you tell my heart is speaking..
my eyes will give you clue..

what you tell maybe deceiving..
truth lies underneath the skin...
hope will blossum by beleiving...
the heart that lies within
I'll be yours together..
we'll shell always be as one..
if you love me for me..
who can says..
where we go
who can promise what will be..
but I'll stay by your side..
if you love me for me...

Lagu nie dipetik dari cerita Barbie Princess And The Pauper....fariha suka lagu nie...kalau korang nak dengar dengan muzik sekali boleh la search kat uncle youtube...hehehe....

Thankz for reading..comment tau.. :D


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