Running man...

Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
bagi sesapa peminat K-pop mesti tahukan pasal running man nie..xkan xtahu kot..
yes I'm running man lover..serius I love watching running man very much...for those yang x gelak bila tengok running man, come and proof it to me..I'll give you RM100..i'm not kidding...
watching running man will make you burst out laugh..
for those never watch this variety can download at or watch it at onehd channel..
this show will make you happy and forget about your problem...I'm 90% sure..
Let me intoduce you the running man member

The first one..Kim Joong Kook..The stongest member..also know as Tiger,sparta kook or kookie
all the members try to beat him especially kwang soo...he loves his dongseang,Haha ang Gary very much..

Next is Haha...the cutest member..also know as Haroro because his fizikal is short and like to wear spectacles and hat like pororo...his married now with Byul and will become father soon..

Lee kwang with no shame..the funniest member..also know as betrayer and girrafe because his height almost also the youngest and the weaknest..

Yoo Jae  Suk..The Korea National Mc..also be The Mc in this show..know as grasshopper because his favourite colour is green...the important member in running man...

Ji Suk Jin..the oldest and weaknest member..also know as Impala and bignose hyung...he always be the first eliminated and somebody will say "Race start"..

The last one..Song Ji Hyo..the ace and also know as mongji because she always blank when somebody talked to her..Kang Gary..peaceful Gary because his face always in same reaction..peaceful face..

they also know as monday couple because always meet on monday.. I really love them..Ihope they will get married soon..many running man fans like to see them together including me..3 words to say..
Monday Couple jiang..

I really love watching them and never boring watching them every week..noo..every day..
they are happy family...running always be my best variety show in my heart..
Running Man Fighting!!

Thankz for reading..comment tau.. :D


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